Sunday Morning Sermons

 Sunday Morning Sermons 
Pentecost Sunday (download)
Sally Thomas, 04/06/2017
Measure & Control (download)
Martin Wainwright, 28/05/2017
Seeing (download)
Martin Wainwright, 21/05/2017
Called by name (download)
Neil Ambler, 14/05/2017
W2G Central (download)
David Senior, 14/05/2017
Real (download)
Martin Wainwright, 07/05/2017
If at first you don't succeed (download)
Martin Wainwright, 30/04/2017
A returning son (download)
Martin Wainwright, 23/04/2017
Easter - A missing corpse (download)
Martin Wainwright, 16/04/2017
Way2Go Central - 1 (download)
Sally Thomas, 09/04/2017
 Recent Media Uploads 
Way2Go Central -2 (download)
David Kellett,
A Mislaid Coin (download)
Martin Wainwright, 02/04/2017
Mothering Sunday: A Wayward Sheep (download)
Martin Wainwright, 26/03/2017
Heaven and Hell (download)
Ken Hobbs, 19/03/2017
Way2Go Central 2nd Service (download)
Anna Norton, 12/03/2017
Way2Go Central 1st Service (download)
David Senior, 12/03/2017
Two men at prayer (download)
Richard Walker, 05/03/2017
Eat, Drink and be Merry? (download)
Martin Wainwright, 26/02/2017
Death Demanded (download)
Neil Ambler, 12/02/2017
Wayside First Aid (download)
Mark Goodman, 12/02/2017
It's all about the soil (download)
Paul Dever, 05/02/2017
Investment Potential (download)
Danny Burda, 29/01/2017
Silly Bridesmaids (download)
David Senior, 22/01/2017
Seeds, weeds...and a bunch of fish (download)
Sally Thomas, 15/01/2017
Death Defied (download)
Ken Hobbs, 08/01/2017
Way2Go Central (download)
Anna Norton, 08/01/2017
Visiting Kings (download)
Martin Wainwright, 01/01/2017
Family Carols (download)
Anna Norton, 18/12/2016
W2G Central Dec 2016 second service (download)
David Kellett, 11/12/2016
Way2Go Central first service (download)
Martin Wainwright, 11/12/2016
Prepare the way for the Lord (download)
Dave McKie, 04/12/2016
CAP Sunday (download)
Simon Wilce, 27/11/2016
Spirit: Weird & Wonderful (Way2Go Central) (download)
Sean Skinner, 20/11/2016
11.40 Communion Service (download)
Mark Goodman,
Remembrance (download)
Ken Hobbs, 13/11/2016
Ministry and Mission (download)
Nick Spencer, 06/11/2016
The Weak (download)
Richard Walker, 30/10/2016
The World (download)
Sally Thomas, 23/10/2016
Dreaming Dreams (download)
Martin Wainwright, 16/10/2016
Way2Go Central October 2016 11.45 service (download)
Ali Male, 09/10/2016
Way2Go Central October 2016 (download)
David Senior, 09/10/2016
Dreaming Dreams (download)
Martin Wainwright, 02/10/2016
Friends and enemies (download)
Anna Norton, 18/09/2016
Way2Go Central second service (download)
Dave McKie, 11/09/2016
Way2Go Central September 2016 (download)
Ken Hobbs, 11/09/2016
God and the church (download)
David Senior, 04/09/2016
The man who brings justice (download)
David Senior, 28/08/2016
The man who bears fruit (download)
Martin Wainwright, 21/08/2016
The story of Ruth (download)
Mark Goodman, 14/08/2016
The man who is light (download)
Dave McKie, 14/08/2016
The Man who is God (download)
Anna Norton, 07/08/2016
Israel's Future (download)
Martin Wainwright, 31/07/2016
Israel's Future (download)
Richard Walker, 24/07/2016
Who's in charge? (download)
Martin Wainwright, 17/07/2016
Question and Answer session (download)
Various, 10/07/2016
Messages from Ruth (download)
Alison Male, 10/07/2016
More than conquerors (download)
Neil Thomas, 03/07/2016
Welcome to the family (download)
Ken Hobbs, 26/06/2016
The Way2Go Central (download)
Martin Wainwright, 12/06/2016
The Struggles (download)
Alistair Curry, 05/06/2016
Servants of God (download)
Martin Wainwright, 29/05/2016
Buried Alive (download)
Martin Wainwright, 22/05/2016
Pentecost week (download)
Sally Thomas, 15/05/2016
Messages from Ruth - Pt 1 (download)
David Kellett, 08/05/2016
Way2Go Central (download)
David Senior, 08/05/2016
From Death to Life (download)
Martin Wainwright, 01/05/2016
What Justification Brings (download)
Paul Dever, 24/04/2016
Unknown (download)
James Wakefield, 17/04/2016
The evidence of eternal life (download)
Martin Wainwright, 10/04/2016
Living by Faith (download)
Richard walker, 03/04/2016
Easter Praise (download)
Paul Dever, 27/03/2016
Palm Sunday-Welcome King Jesus (download)
David Senior, 20/03/2016
The evidence for eternal life (download)
David Grey, 13/03/2016
Mothering Sunday (download)
Ali, 06/03/2016
Adventures in Prayer 2 of 3 (download)
Sally Thomas, 28/02/2016
Persecuted Church (download)
Stuart Windsor, 14/02/2016
All in the same boat (download)
Martin Wainwright, 07/02/2016
Religion Rules OK? (download)
Martin Wainwright, 31/01/2016
I'm alright Jack (download)
Martin Wainwright, 24/01/2016
A World Gone Wrong (download)
Martin Wainwright, 17/01/2016
When going gets tough (download)
Ken Hobbs, 10/01/2016
Good News for the World (download)
Martin Wainwright, 03/01/2016
Communion Service (download)
David Kelette, 13/12/2015
The Way2Go Show Central (download)
David Senior, 13/12/2015
Who is tho man? In the beginning was... (download)
Nick Spencer, 06/12/2015
Whi is this man? I am the Alpha and Omega (download)
Sally Thomas, 29/11/2015
Way2Go Central Nov 2015 (download)
Anna Norton, 15/11/2015
Remembrance Sunday (download)
David Senior, 08/11/2015
I am the resurrection (download)
Neil Thomas, 01/11/2015
I am the good shepherd (download)
Dave Wright, 25/10/2015
From Vision to Action (download)
Martin Wainwright, 18/10/2015
Follow how? (download)
Sally Thomas, 11/10/2015
Vision 2020 (download)
Martin W and Paul D, 04/10/2015
I am the light (download)
Ken Hobbs, 27/09/2015
Who is this man? (download)
Sally Thomas, 20/09/2015
Who is this man? I am He (download)
Richard Walker, 06/09/2015
Lead us not... (download)
Sally Thomas, 30/08/2015
Forgive... forgiven (download)
Richard Walker, 23/08/2015
As in heaven (download)
David Senior, 16/08/2015
Kingdom come, your will be done (download)
Nick Spencer, 09/08/2015
Our Father (download)
David Wright, 02/08/2015
Teach Us To Pray - iPad friendly (download)
Anna Norton, 26/07/2015
Teach Us to Pray Video (download)
Anna Norton, 26/07/2015
Teach Us to Pray (download)
Anna Norton, 26/07/2015
Forgiveness and release (download)
Archbishop Greg Ven, 19/07/2015
Way2Go Central July 2015 (download)
Ken Hobbs, 12/07/2015
Discernment and Wisdom (download)
Paul Dever, 05/07/2015
SErving and integrity (download)
James Wakefield, 28/06/2015
Way2Go Central June 2015 (download)
Martin Wainwright, 14/06/2015
Living your dream with God (download)
Neil Thomas, 07/06/2015