Our mission as a church is to connect people with Jesus Christ through proclaiming the love of Christ in word and deed and seeking to make disciples. We are all missionaries who support others in mission and are each called to “Pray, Give and Go”.
St Paul's has an integrated approach to  personal, local, national and global activities with an underlying bias towards the poor. Since mission is relational, all our connections aim to reflect this, prompting further engagement and further mission. Mission involves using and giving the resources God has given us – time, talent and treasure – wisely and generously. 

We want to encourage and equip every member of St Paul's to feel confident about sharing the love of Christ in our workplaces, homes, with our friends and in the clubs they belong to.  

We continue to encourage church members to be engaged in Mission beyond their own personal spheres of influence by supporting, praying for and engaging in mission work locally, nationally and globally.  This will include participating in short term trips to work on national and international projects and summer missions as well as providing opportunities for direct involvement in local projects.

Beyond our personal mission to people we meet at home, in our workplaces, clubs and socially, our focus for  promoting the good news of Jesus Christ is through three key fields of work:  In each of these areas we support partners and agencies locally, nationally and globally.  Click on any of the above for more information about the people and organisations we are engaged with.


Further information

Our Mission Group is co-chaired by Sara Goodman and David Senior. Please email David for information on our local progamme, which is primarily focused on the needs of the local area and helping to equip the church family to engage in personal outreach, and Martin for information on our work supporting mission partners agencies  outside the parish, at national level and globally.