St Paul’s is truly an all-age community. We are perhaps best known for our work with children, young people and families, but also have a thriving fellowship of those in retirement age – not that there’s any retirement at St Paul’s. Older people are amongst the most active in the church, and we delight in the contribution which so many make too many areas of our work.

seniorsWhether you’re a member of the church, or just want to join us for a meal, you’re hugely welcome at St Paul’s. There are two groups which you might find of particular interest.

Mid-week Focus

We believe in fellowship over food and each Wednesday lunchtime, over 60 people gather for ‘Mid-week focus’. It’s much more than a lunch club. We meet at 11am for coffee, hear a talk from one of a wide range of outside speakers and then catch up from 12:30 pm over a delicious hot lunch, freshly prepared in our kitchens. We also have opportunity to share in Holy Communion on the first Wednesday of each month.

Some of those who come are church members. Others come from outside. It means a great deal to have you with us, and we can sometimes arrange transport for those unable to travel independently.

Many of those who come are found that this not only provides good company, but also a way into greater involvement in the life of St Paul’s.


This group meets at St Paul’s on a Tuesday morning, and through lunch for fellowship and gentle games. Spartans cater for retired members of our church family and meet most weeks. From time to time outings are organised, including visits to the local theatre in Epsom. 

Further information

For more information on Mid-week Focus, please contact the church office on 020 8224 9838 and, for Spartans, please contact David Stroud on 020 8642 2429.