Sunday Evening sermons

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How to get ready for a miracle (download)
Paul Dever, 14/05/2017
What happens when you have faith (download)
Paul Never, 07/05/2017
Called or collard? (download)
Bishop Andrew, 30/04/2017
What is love (download)
Denny Burda, 23/04/2017
Ester (download)
Sean Skinner,
PALM SUNDAY: Is it all just a show? (download)
Martin Wainwright,
Disqualified: Why I could never be a missionary (download)
Julian Sindall, 02/04/2017
Disloyal: Why I can’t tell people about Jesus (download)
Matt Jeffery, 26/03/2017
Dispassionate: Why I fall asleep when I pray (download)
Sally Thomas, 19/03/2017
Disconnected: Why I feel such a hycrocrite (download)
Paul Dever, 12/03/2017

Dispensable: Why I want to be the best (download)
Neil Thomas, 05/03/2017
Disappointed: Why I can't move mountains (download)
David Wright, 26/02/2017
Distant: Why God seems out of reach (download)
Dave McKie,
Disconnected: Why I feel such a hypocrite (download)
Paul Dever, 12/02/2017
Dismissive: Why I've heard it all before (download)
David Senior, 05/02/2017
Disgruntled: Why I struggle with Jesus' teaching (download)
Krish Kandhia, 29/01/2017
Disorientated: Why I won't step out of my comfort zone (download)
Anna Norton, 22/01/2017
Despairing: Why I shout at God (download)
Pete Ould, 15/01/2017
Why I feel I am not going anywhere (download)
Martin Wainwright, 08/01/2017
Christmas Celebration (download)
Sally Thomas, 01/01/2017
Late Night Communion (download)
Paul Dever, 24/12/2016
Carol Service (download)
Martin Wainwright, 18/12/2016
Contemporary Carols (download)
Julian Sindall, 11/12/2016
Pray for Power (download)
James Wakefield,
CAP Sunday (Christian Against Poverty) (download)
Simon Wilce,
Gifted for Service (download)
Paul Dever, 20/11/2016
Belonging to His Family (download)
David Senior, 13/11/2016
Alive for His Purpose (download)
Matt Jeffery, 06/11/2016
Remembering Loved Ones (download)
Ken Hobbs, 06/11/2016
Pray for Revelation (download)
Sally Thomas, 30/10/2016
Pray for Revelation (download)
David , 23/10/2016
Dreaming Dreams (download)
Martin Wainwright,
A Cry for Social Justice (download)
Joss Saunders, Oxfam, 09/10/2016
Dreaming Dreams (download)
Martin Wainwright, 02/10/2016
Dreaming Dreams (download)
Paul Dever, 25/09/2016
Dreaming Dreams (download)
Paul Dever, 25/09/2016
Baptism and Confirmation Service (download)
Bishop Andrew, 18/09/2016
Brand new life (download)
Paul Dever, 04/09/2016
Was Jesus really God? (download)
Julian Sindall,
Where is God? (download)
Nick Spencer, 21/08/2016
The responsibility of freedom (download)
Sally Thomas, 31/07/2016
Freed to Serve (download)
David Wright, 24/07/2016
Freedom Fighters (download)
Anna Norton, 17/07/2016
Gospel of Freedom (download)
Martin Wainwright, 10/07/2016
Q & A Session (download)
Major General Tim Cross, 06/07/2016
Confident Christian Witness (download)
Major General Tim Cross, 06/07/2016
Free to belong (download)
James Wakefield, 19/06/2016
Freedom to Grow (download)
Alistair Curry, 05/06/2016
Freedom to live (download)
David Senior, 29/05/2016
Living an everyday supernatural life (download)
Dave MKie,
Pentecost Celebration (download)
Paul Dever, 15/05/2016
God's gift of freedom (download)
Paul Dever, 08/05/2016
The Freedom of the Gospel (download)
Sally Thomas, 01/05/2016
Resurrection Appearances 3 (download)
Dave McKie, 24/04/2016
Resurrection Appearances 2 (download)
Dave Wright, 10/04/2016
Resurrection Appearances 1 (download)
Julian Sindall, 03/04/2016
Easter Celebration (download)
Martin Wainwright, 27/03/2016
From meaningless to satisfied (download)
Paul Dever, 13/03/2016
From Restless to Fulfilled (download)
Paul Dever, 28/02/2016
From exhausted to organised (download)
Paul Dever, 21/02/2016
The Evidence for Eternal Life (download)
Paul Dever, 14/02/2016
How I got involved with CSW (download)
Stuart Windsor, 14/02/2016
People don't usually fall, they slide (download)
David Senior, 07/02/2016
Disappointed with 'our own' is devastating (download)
Matt Jeffery, 31/01/2016
Blessed are the agitated: they aren't satisfied (download)
Paul Dever, 17/01/2016
Addictions come with anaesthetic (download)
James Wakefield, 10/01/2016
There are no strong people (download)
Dave McKie, 03/01/2016
Carol Service 2015 (download)
Martin Wainwright, 20/12/2015
Contemporary Carols (download)
Paul Dever, 13/12/2015
Living as people of hope (download)
Mark Goodman, 06/12/2015
DEEPER - November 2015 (download)
Paul Dever, 29/11/2015
The God I wish you knew …is the anchor for your soul (download)
Martin Wainwright, 22/11/2015
God loves us unconditionally (download)
Matt Jeffery, 15/11/2015
God asks you to carry His name (download)
David Senior, 08/11/2015
The God I wish you knew …is our refuge (download)
Neil Ambler, 01/11/2015
From Vision to Action (download)
Martin Wainwright, 18/10/2015
The od I knew will transform you (download)
Dace McKie, 11/10/2015
The God I wish you knew... is a promise keeper (download)
Paul Deva, 04/10/2015
The God I wis you knew…guides us (download)
Mike Harris, 27/09/2015
The God I wish you knew... (download)
Julian Sindall, 20/09/2015
The God I wish you knew... (download)
paul Dever, 06/09/2015
On your marks, get set... (download)
Paul Dever, 30/08/2015
Testimony (download)
Charlie Brown, 30/08/2015
God's patient persuit (download)
Matt Jeffery, 23/08/2015
Big Love (download)
Sally Thomas, 16/08/2015
The Repentant Prophet (download)
David Senior, 09/08/2015
The Rebellious Prophet (download)
Martin Wainwright, 02/08/2015
Stronger in Prayer (download)
Neil Ambler, 26/07/2015
Stronger in Priorities (download)
Paul Dever, 19/07/2015
Stronger in Patience (download)
Martin Wainwright, 12/07/2015
Stronger in Self-control (download)
Sally Thomas, 05/07/2015
Stronger in life (download)
Paul Dever, 28/06/2015
Stronger in Faith (download)
Dave McKie, 21/06/2015
Deeper - June 2015 (download)
Paul Dever, 07/06/2015
Stronger in Love (download)
david Senior, 31/05/2015
Stronger in Spirit (download)
Sally Thomas, 24/05/2015
Stronger in the World (download)
James Poole, 17/05/2015
Stronger in Character (download)
Martin Wainwright, 10/05/2015
Stronger in Faith (download)
Paul Dever, 03/05/2015
In Conversation (download)
Martin talks to BiSandy Millar, 26/04/2015
Walking along the road (download)
Mark Goodman, 19/04/2015
Unknown (download)
Martin Wainwright, 12/04/2015
Campfires and beaches (download)
Paul Dever, 05/04/2015
Maundy Thursday (download)
Ken Hobbs, 02/04/2015
Going Deeper 2 of 2 (download)
paul Dever, 29/03/2015
Going Deeper 1 of 2 (download)
Paul Dever, 29/03/2015
Journey to the Cross (download)
Richard Walker, 22/03/2015
Christian in Politics (download)
Matthew Rhodes, 15/03/2015
The Journey On (download)
Mark Goodman, 08/03/2015
Messanger of the Gospel (download)
martin Wainwright, 01/03/2015