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R3A0052 The 6:30@StPaul’s is our evening congregation.
It is passionate and informal in style, with a break for drinks and food in the middle. The service particularly appeals to young people and young adults - though all are welcome.

The 6:30@St.Paul’s is more than an evening service; we like to think of ourselves as a movement through which our lives being changed and the communities of which we are part are being transformed. We have four key values. We aim to be:
R3A0028- a signpost of the Gospel of Christ to young people and young adults
- a place where people encounter God, the Father, son and Spirit in worship, through the word and during prayer
- extravagant in our hospitality, in our worship and in our welcome.
- the body of Christ - a community of all ages and races, female and male, seeking to serve one another and seek Christ.


Further information

You are welcome to come to the 6:30@StPaul's any Sunday evening. If you want to know more, please contact Paul Dever, Associate Vicar.