Welcome back to church!

I know that for may of us, me included, entering this phase of the "new normal" is rather nerve racking and we can all get nervous about the unknown and what rules different places have. Here is a cheesy video where Naomi explains how both Sundays and Thursdays will work and what rules we have in place. 



Families @St PaulsFamilies @St Paul's - on the 1st and3rd Sunday of each month at 4pm 
This services for families with children aged 0-11 years old. Each Family will be seated together at a safe  distance apart. The service will include worship, a game, teaching, prayer activity and a craft or activity. Families will receive an invitation from Keren & Naomi to let you know which Sunday is YOUR Sunday. 

On Sunday click here to join Naomi for a virtual KIDZONE.


LIFE Group (1)On Thursdays we have 2 LIFE Groups for Yrs 3-6. We will meet in the Arena, so please bring your own cushion/pillow/blanket and your own bible. Everyone will be socially distant and any games played, craft, worksheets and food will all be done with the right measures in place. 

Year 3-4 - Meeting 4:30-5:30pm 
Year 5-6 - Meeting 5:45-6:45pm 

20190911-DSC 4018-EditChildren's Pastor
Naomi Carne

020 8224 4012