Sunday Evening Sermons

 Sunday Evening Sermons 
Holiday Club Celebration
Naomi Simms, 18/02/2018
Your calling to live a resilient life
Paul Dever, 18/02/2018
An invitation to resilient life
Mark Goodman, 11/02/2018
In search of the real Jesus
Nick Page, 04/02/2018
A Practical Life
Paul Dever & Sally Thomas, 21/01/2018
A Led Life
David Wright, 14/01/2018
Late Night Communion
David Senior, 24/12/2017
Traditional Carol Service
Martin Wainwright, 23/12/2017
Alternative Carol Service
Ruth Valerio, 17/12/2017
How to make the most of Christmas
Matt Jeffery, 10/12/2017
How to finish the year well
Martin Wainwright, 03/12/2017
Daring to go in faith
Mark Goodman, 26/11/2017
Daring to seek God
Paul Dever, 19/11/2017
Daring to wait on God
Sally Thomas, 12/11/2017
What does greatness look like?
Neil Thomas, 05/11/2017
A fearless church
James Wakefield, 29/10/2017
How to cultivate your potential
Bishop Andrew, 22/10/2017
The troubled mind
Dave McKie, 15/10/2017
What does it mean to be a disciple?
Sally Thomas, 08/10/2017
Daring to be generous
Sally Thomas,