Our vision

connect transform serve
Our Vision

At St Paul’s we have always wanted to connect people to Jesus, and as we look to the future we sense a need to refocus and refine our purpose – to refresh our existing ‘Vision 2020’, which was launched in January 2012.

After much prayer and discussion amongst the leadership, we are excited to pass on this new focus...

...three memorable words, which we hope describe and encompass God’s heartbeat and our desire to fulfil the great command and commission given to us by Jesus – to love wholeheartedly and go in His name.
...three words which over time will become a powerful unifying set of concepts which help us define and refine our life together.
These words are:
connect: connecting to one another, Jesus and our community - because we want to look outwards
transform: transforming into the image of Christ - because we want to become like Jesus
serve: sacrificially serving our neighbour - because we want to show compassion

Vision Sunday
Response Sunday