Serve Partnerships  

Serving Partnerships 2018

Sutton Community Works supporting ...

  • Food Bank: Sutton Foodbank gives free emergency food to people in crisis, until appropriate agencies can step in. St Paul’s not only supports financially but through providing volunteers.
  • Street Pastors: Providing teams of trained volunteers to care for, listen to and help people on Friday and Saturday nights in our local town centres.
  • School Pastors care, listen and help students in local schools and colleges.

CAP: Working with those in debt and bringing them hope, support and practical help in often the most dire of circumstances.
MAF: Keith Ketchum is Maintenance Manager for MAF, Africa Region. MAF provide light aircraft transport and information services for missions in isolated areas of the world.
CMS: Pat Blanchard leads a church in Lima, Peru; with a particular ministry to disabled children and their families in a deprived neighbourhood.
Hope4Malawi: Helps to relieve poverty in Malawi mainly through educational projects. St Paul’s members have provided a 3 year feeding programme for school lunches at Mpemba School. We have also provided Bibles and Bible story books for a new library at the school.