Exploring Christianity

Whether you don’t know what you believe or  been a Christian for years,  there is plenty of space at StPaul’s to find out answers to the big questions in life.

Thinking About BelievingThinking About Believing

During our Sunday morning services. Those who are exploring faith are invited to join this informal discussion group, which often provokes lively debate as we ask, for instance, why God allows suffering, whether science has eliminated the need for God, and how to achieve real fulfilment in life.
Visit Thinking About Believing for more information, or email Julian Sindall.


The Alpha Course

Alpha Logos

Over 20 million people have done Alpha worldwide. Alpha is an enjoyable and informal 10 week course which provides a safe environment in which to explore the big issues. Is there really a God? How do we know? What's he like? Does he really love me? How can I develop a relationship with him? 

We meet weekly for supper, then hear a talk on an aspect of the Christian faith, followed by talking informally in groups. Alpha provides a comfortable and friendly environment in which no question is considered too simple or too hostile. Often people develop new and long-lasting friendships through the course.Alpha is free of charge. 

Visit The Alpha Course for more information, or email David Senior.