Prayer Events 

Prayer is going on all the time at St Paul’s, but we hold two special prayer events each term. You are welcome to join in, whether you are well used to talking and listening to God or are exploring prayer for the first time. At none of these events will you be under pressure to pray out loud, although there are opportunities to do so.

Kingdom ComeKingdom Come

Usually on the first (occasionally second) Wednesday in the term, from 8-9.30pm, starting all together in the Main Arena and then offering a choice of up to five different strands. We suggest you choose one that you’re very familiar with, and another that will help you discover a new praying pattern.
See the Term Card for the next Kingdom Come.


 Praying through simplicity 
encounters with God without additives

Creativity Praying through creativity
encounters with God through the senses

Action Praying through action
encounters with God in practical caring 

IntercessionPraying through intercession
encounters with God in spiritual warfare

WalkingPraying through walking
encounters with God outdoors