New Wine Discipleship year

What is the Discipleship Year?

The Discipleship Year is all about growing as disciples of Jesus for a life of adventure with him. During this year you’ll be equipped, empowered and encouraged to grow as a disciple of Jesus. Our aim is that by the end of the year you will be a ‘disciple-making disciple’ serving Jesus and his Kingdom with the whole of your life for the whole of your life.

  • Go deeper in your relationship with God
  • Grow stronger in who God has made you to be and the purpose he has for your life
  • Get involved by serving in a local church
  • Discover, exercise and nurture your spiritual gifts and passions
  • Be challenged to step out, risk and see God work through you
  • Experience the adventure of overseas mission

The Essentials

  • The course will begin early September 2019 and finish August 2020 after New Wine
  • We will pay your Discipleship Year fees, and cover any expenses incurred on church activities, but you will be expected to raise a contribution to the DY mission trip.
  • You will attend the regional training centre at St Paul's Ealing 1 day a week
  • You will spend three weekdays plus Sundays serving with us at St Paul's Howell Hill

Next Steps

Download and read our Discipleship Year Outline 2019/2020 which includes instructions on how to apply. Contact us if you require a paper copy or an alternative format.