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Choose to Worship

So, I guess this week has felt slightly in some ways more normal as I’m getting used to the children being at home. Having said that, time still doesn’t seem to flow naturally and at points this week it has really dragged. There are moments in my day where I feel a little bit lost as some of the purposes we used to live for aren’t there anymore.

But as this week unfolds, I have been trying to think about the positive opportunities that this period can bring. I asked my eldest daughter at dinnertime earlier in the week what did she think was good about being at home. Without taking time to think she said it’s nice to do more stuff together. I think we would all agree that a bit of family time is great, and my hope is that like many of us we will all like each other a bit more by the end of it! My two girls are wonderful at bickering and over the last couple of weeks it shows that this behaviour is very likely to continue. However, this week it’s been really precious to see the girls build a den together which they have both been sleeping in for the past four nights. Listening to their giggles and secret chats in the morning has made me smile.

Another thing that has been so positive and helpful is that even though we can’t see our families and friends we are still able to connect through messages, phone calls and internet chats. And its my wonderful LIFE group mums at church who have inspired me so much this week in my faith. When I’ve felt like this week has been tiringly plodding along, they have encouraged me to seek Gods presence. This drew me to listen to a song called I choose to worship and it gently reminded me about choosing to worship God even when there’s pain, doubt and storms around us. I feel the lyrics in this song are so relevant to our lives right now as we need to consciously choose to bow to our God even though the things around us seem so wrong. And as we choose to worship God, to bow before him we can be reassured of his hope, power and goodness.

Come let us bow in worship, let us kneel before the Lord our Maker Psalm 95:6

God bless,

Song: I Choose to Worship by Rend Collective – have a listen I hope it speaks to you as much as it did to me.

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